Buy Stocks On Line for Beginner Stock Traders Better

Ways to buy stocks : buy stocks on line and buy stocks off line, which one better ?

I think buy stocks on line is better than offline. Why? there are three reasons:

1. speed to buy Stocks On Line

If we buy stocks on line, stock traders can save time because no need to call the stock brokers.

2. Buy Stocks On Line is cheaper

If we buy stocks on line, it is cheaper, especially for international investors, because we don't have to make long distance calls and the commission is also cheaper.

3. Buy Stocks On Line is more convenient

For most stock investors, calling the stock brokers to trade stocks, including IPO Stocks, is not convenient. It sometimes make us nervous. So for me as a beginner stock trader, Buy Stocks On Line or Online Stock Purchasing is better. Which one do you prefer? buy stocks off line vs buy stocks on line?

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